Capitol Steps Apartments 
Residential Qualification Criteria
June 2014
Rental History:            
24 months valid, verifiable rental history
Valid rental history is a written lease or month-to-month agreement.
If rental history is less than 24 months then an increased deposit  -OR- cosigner may be requested. Final recommendation will also be dependant on credit history, income and employment.
Credit History:             
At least 4 accounts established for 1 year in good standing
If derogatory credit history (excluding medical & student loan debt) is in excess of $500, but less than $2000, an increased deposit -OR- cosigner may be requested. Final recommendation will also be dependant on income, rental & employment history.
12 months with current employer or previous employment in same field of work
Final recommendation will also be dependant on rental & credit history and income
Monthly income must be equal to at least 3 times the rental amount
If income is less than 3 times the rental amount, but more than 2.5 then an increased deposit may be requested. If income is less than 2.5 times the rental amount then an qualified cosigner may be requested. Final recommendation will also be dependant on rental, credit & employment history.
Acceptable documentation for verifiable income varies based on the income source.  Generally accepted documentation may include 2 consecutive (recent) paystubs, most recent tax returns, W2, Leave & Earnings Statement (LES), Statement of Social Security Benefits, I20 (International Students), etc.
All Section 8 applicants are required to meet the same criteria as stated above, with the exception that the applicant only needs to meet income requirements for their portion of the rent.  Recommendations will be made following the above set standards.
A cosigner will be APPROVED if all the qualification below is met, if the cosigner does not meet any 1 of the following criteria then the cosigner will not qualify.
RENTAL:   1 year of valid and verifiable rental or mortgage history with no late payments
CREDIT:    At least 4 accounts in good standing for 1 year with less than $100 in derogatory credit
Any bankruptcy (open and/or discharged) will result in denial.
EMPLOYMENT:  12 months with current employer or previous employment in same field of work
INCOME:        4 times the rental amount of the unit in verifiable, garnishable income
Verified name and date of birth match of criminal conviction as follows:
Murder   (1st and 2nd degree)             Kidnapping (All counts)
Manslaughter (1st degree)                 Theft (1st & 2nd degree)
Assault 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree)          Burglary (1st, 2nd degree & vehicle prowling 1st degree)
Robbery (1st & 2nd degree)               Malicious Mischief (1st degree)
Rape (All counts)                             Arson (1st, 2nd degree & Reckless Burning 1st degree)
Child molestation (All counts)            Delivery or Sale of illegal substance(s) (All counts)
Rape of a child (All counts)               Possession with intent to Deliver Illegal Substance (All counts)
Outstanding criminal warrant             Any Terror Related Activity
Any criminal conviction which results in a registered sex offender requirement and/or any current sex offender registry requirement.
A criminal records search will be performed for felony and misdemeanor offenses.  All felony and misdemeanor offenses must be disclosed on the rental application.
Valid Photo Identification will be required of all applicants

Please enter your social security number (SSN) if one has been issued to you. Submission of an SSN helps assure access to your credit profile and reduces the likelihood of processing delays. We maintain strict physical, electronic and administrative security practices to protect your information. Moco Privacy Policy.

Equal Housing Opportunity

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Each person over the age of 18, who will be residing in the rental unit, is required to complete a separate application.

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